Sunday, 18 July 2010

"it's TAYPAS."

Sorry for not blogging in a while, I've been enjoying summer (even the rainy bits) and having a birthday and doing other things as well as working. Lots of things have happened in half a year!

January - It snowed and snowed and then got icy and then school closed and everyone was happy!
February - Valentines day happened, me and Dan had a really lovely meal together, not a lot happened.March - Got my GCSE Physics result - I got a B, which I'm really chuffed with. Dan went to Iceland and I sat my Art exams.April - I had to finish my compositions for music, started learning to drive, went camping in Goosnargh, turned sixteen and me and Dan celebrated another anniversary.May - Got a job at the bank holiday weekend, I started sitting all of my exams, started study leave and officially left school. Then had a half term!June - Dan turned seventeen, left work to finish my exams, finished my AQA exams and went to paint gravestones for LUEY. Also looked around universities.July - Mum and James' birthdays, so its been a string of parties, re-started work, and enjoying the summer.  Also getting into watching the IT Crowd on channel 4.
So yes, in conclusion, I am having a very good time.

Talk soon!