Saturday, 18 December 2010

baby, baby, baby...

To my fiancè's disgust, I do actually have a bit of a partial for Justin Bieber's music, and lately it doesn't seem to stop playing on my iPod. He does look like a bit of a nob, to be fair, but I do like the music and I don't really see why people's perceptions of the person has to get in the way of the fact he can sing, dance and can produce fairly good tracks.
Anyway. Ah yes, this (:

This is the photo we sent out to our family, and I do really like it, even if it is about a year old.
I think I'm getting Dan's cold, and I'm getting a bit fed up of traipsing to the doctors every 2 weeks to get fixed of various things, its getting a bit old now.
I think I'm honestly so very glad I'm not going to university, seriously, after going round Salford, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and Leeds, I've seen more than enough, and I really genuinely wouldn't be interested. I went to all the Pharmacy, Biology, Medical and BioChemistry degree talks, and I just couldn't have to sit and learn like that for 4 years, I'm so glad I've chosen to do what I've done, even if it means I have no A-Levels to my name, or any first, second or third class honours to my name. The whole previous sentence sounds too pretentious to my liking.

Enough of uni rant.
Who knows what the future may hold.
I'm working right up until Christmas Eve! Can you believe?! Actually yes, if I'm being honest, because people need medicine.
I just can't wait to see all my family again properly!
Anyway, enough of this! Me and Dan are off to build a snowman! (:

Saturday, 27 November 2010


I actually have stuff to write about today! Yay! My week has been so funny... or not, depends how you want to look at it, I suppose. Not been very well for the majority of the week, had to see the doctor, a very lovely doctor who had a good rummage in my nose and told me I have very swollen sinuses. The fun... now I have a nose version of an inhaler, which is quite cool. Shame my nose hurts really bad. Then the other day I came home from work early, and my friend was lovely and took me home, but we broke down, it was more funny afterwards, not that he thought so! And work has been almost lovely this week.. albeit busy, but fun (:
As for today, Leeds calls! Trying to decide what to wear isn't easy though...

Monday, 22 November 2010

i want to live where soul meets body.

sorry for the while between posts, ive been... busy and very stressed. i have no idea who may read this but yes...
anyway, since my last post i got engaged to my lovely daniel, and im very happy, well... happy isnt the word, its so difficult to describe! its a curious joy that grows in your tummy and sends sparks all over your body. its wonderful.
I want to live where soul meets body

And let the sun wrap its arms around me

And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing

And feel, feel what its like to be new

Cause in my head there's a greyhound station

Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations

So they may have a chance of finding a place

where they're far more suited than here

I cannot guess what we'll discover

Between the dirt with our palms cut like shovels

But I know our filthy hand can wash one another's

And not one speck will remain

I do believe it's true

That there are roads left in both of our shoes

If the silence takes you

Then I hope it takes me too

So brown eyes I hold you near

Cause you're the only song I want to hear

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Where soul meets body

Where soul meets body

Where soul meets body

I do believe it's true

That there are holes left in both of our shoes

If the silence takes you

Then I hope it takes me too

So brown eyes I hold you near

Cause you're the only song I want to hear

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

i do love this song very much (:
i forgot just how much i do love DCFC, they are truly soul uplifting sometimes.
anyway, bathtime and bedtime...
dont be surprised if my blog becomes a wedding scrapbook and ideas board!
im overflowing with love and excitment!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


welcome to blogging tatiana! my beautiful brazilian wife has joined us on the blogging site, and she is new to all this, follow her! i have had the most beautiful afternoon, i have been laying out on a blanket in the sun with my beautiful boyfriend listening to some joshua radin, who sings songs perfect for the summer. truly pulls on the heart strings!!! then we had some tea together and fed our fish who is very very cute and could do with having another pal in there to be honest!! then we went out for a driving lesson, and i was very proud of my efforts, so was daniel!!! i managed to get over my nerves and actually put the car into second gear and reverse around corners, over speed bumps, park the car forwardly and backwards! i may have a talent, although i did stall a couple of times. oops. anyway, enough said about that, cant wait to get into the car again! we used the fiesta, which will hopefully be ours to use by christmas!! :D very excited.  anyway, night night bloggers! <3

Friday, 13 August 2010

my blog seems to be slow...

I think it's because I'm signed up to too many sites! I can't remember to post everything all at once! At the moment, I'm especially in love with tumblr - my url is, and I love the freedom of it all. Its not as wordy as a blog really, you can type a line or an essay or a quote or a photo, or generally just whatever and it feels so much faster! Generally at the moment, summer is pretty slow for me too. I dont particularly favor the start of college coming along, mostly because I have a life changing decision to make in September and I'm not sure that I'm ready to make it but then I cant miss the opportunity. At the moment I'm lending my spare time to writing short stories, like the ones you would find in magazines at the airport. They're touching but short lived, so I dont have to prolong my story lines to fit an 800 page novel bestseller. Sometimes it's easier that way. And then there's life and love and romance and I dont feel I have the time for very much except every day drags... Anyway. I'll post more later. Ciao for now!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

"it's TAYPAS."

Sorry for not blogging in a while, I've been enjoying summer (even the rainy bits) and having a birthday and doing other things as well as working. Lots of things have happened in half a year!

January - It snowed and snowed and then got icy and then school closed and everyone was happy!
February - Valentines day happened, me and Dan had a really lovely meal together, not a lot happened.March - Got my GCSE Physics result - I got a B, which I'm really chuffed with. Dan went to Iceland and I sat my Art exams.April - I had to finish my compositions for music, started learning to drive, went camping in Goosnargh, turned sixteen and me and Dan celebrated another anniversary.May - Got a job at the bank holiday weekend, I started sitting all of my exams, started study leave and officially left school. Then had a half term!June - Dan turned seventeen, left work to finish my exams, finished my AQA exams and went to paint gravestones for LUEY. Also looked around universities.July - Mum and James' birthdays, so its been a string of parties, re-started work, and enjoying the summer.  Also getting into watching the IT Crowd on channel 4.
So yes, in conclusion, I am having a very good time.

Talk soon!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

the best days of your life, they say you never will forget.

how many promises, be honest girl,
how many tears you let hit the floor?
how many bags have you packed,
to take him back, tell me that.
when you're mine in the world,
there'll be one less lonely girl.
im gonna put you first,
ill show you what you're worth.

my life of late has been a string of stresses and troubles that i can't seem to shake. i've had exam pressures piled and piled onto me and i have found that lately i can't seem to take the pace that life is suddenly demanding of me. and then the funniest thing happened, all through reading books i have read before.

Emily: The thing is, I have this problem. Because when I want to talk about my boyfriend to my best friend, I realise they're both you.

i started reading the twilight series over again, and i read bella's account of what she sees in edward (if only a bit exagerrated) and then i found the lack of appreciation of my own boyfriend and i found that if i just stopped and thought about the things he's actually saying to me, and the things that we do for each other without actually realising, i discovered that all the time i tell him he could do this that and the other, he actually gives all that and more and i'm just so stupid. and i am NEVER taking that for granted, because he deserves more than that.

Chris: Do you know what it's like to love someone so much, that you can't see yourself without picturing her? Or what it's like to touch someone, and feel like you've come home? What we had wasn't about showing off what you've got, the way it was for other kids our age. We were, well, meant to be together. Some people spend their whole lives looking for that one person. I was lucky enough to have her all along.

and then i bought the notebook novel and i read songs of the humpback whale by jodi picoult, and watched the pact, after watching the film that makes me spout fountains, and all the things that allie and noah and jane and oliver and emily and chris say to one another, i hear myself and dan say to each other. and all the times i read these books before, i had done what i did when me and dan talked, i had read over the words that he had said to me, and not understood that they meant the same to him as they do to me.

so its up to you,
and its up to me,
and we meet halfway,
on the way back down to earth.
tell me how i could ever be,
normal somehow,
tell me this is the for the best,
so why am i in tears?
so we fight through the hurt,
and we cry and we cry,
and we live, and we learn,
and we try and we try,
then its up to you, and its up to me,
and we always meet halfway,
on the way back down to earth.
down to earth - justin beiber

i suppose im ashamed to admit this. i suppose for the past two years i took for granted what i had always dreamed about having, and i know in my heart i was stupid and so wrong to do so.

Noah: Thats what we do! We fight. You tell me when I'm being an arrogant son of a bitch, and I tell you when your being a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99% of the time. But I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. You have this two second rebound rate and then you go back to doing the next pain in the ass thing.
Allie: So what, Noah.
Noah: So it's never going to be easy, Allie. Hell, it's gonna be so hard. And we'll have to work at it every single day. But I'm gonna do that because I want you, Allie. I want all of you, forever, every day.

im sorry for posting such a whiney love blog that would drive me up the wall to read. its been a great relief to have my whole life mirrored to me, and i feel a huge weight has been lifted.

Chris: She was all the things I wasn't. And I was all the things she wasn't. She could paint circles around anyone; I couldn't even draw a straight line. She was never into sports; I've always been. Her hand, it fit mine.

i love you dan :)

love me, love me,
say that you love me,
fool me, fool me,
oh how you do me,
kiss me, kiss me,
and say that you miss me,
tell me what i want to hear,
tell me you love me.
the cardigans - lovefool

my last little bit of this is to say that i'd really reccomend you to read the following
-the notebook - nicholas sparks
-songs of the humpback whale - jodi picoult
-the pact - jodi picoult

they are such beautiful stories, well and truly.

night bloggers.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

local disappointment.

yes, sorry folks, i've fallen for Justin Beiber's music.
how many photographs, are you taping back?
while you tell me you couldn't see the open door.
but no more if you let me inside your world, there'll be one less lonely girl.
i'm going to put you first, show you what you're worth.
i'm going to fix your broken heart, give you a brand new start,
i'm going to take her, and leave the world,
with one less lonely girl.
that song really reminds me of the stuff that happened before dan and makes me really grateful for dan.
all the stuff i'm really grateful i've left behind.
and made new starts from.
all this ice makes me cross!
i dont like it at all, especially when you fall over and it doesnt hurt, but then you're wet and cold.
bah humbug.
summer now please!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

happy new year guys!

sorry i didnt make a post, the holidays have been mental as!
had future plans to make and stuff...
christmas was aaace, got lots and lots!
a new shiny iPod touch that i cannot work, some gorgeous fluffy slippers and jewellery and TONS of creams and Body Shop stuff... mmmm gorgeous!
dan bought me some pretty amazing stuff too... aahh i love him :)
school closed today thanks to snow and is closed tomorrow which is good news for me :D its a shame how the whole country goes to a standstill when it snows.
we had a party at ours new years eve and set off some fire lanterns and stood on the street and sang auld lang syne with glasses of champagne and hugged in the snow... it was so cute :)
and now, i am back to the normal routine, school early mornings, work, nags, etc etc etc.
but today has been such a lovely day, i have to say.
i got stranded at school, no buses, no cars nothing! so my lovely dan had to come to meet me and take me home because i would really have fallen over, which was luckily avoided.
and we walked home in the snow and he came back for a cup of tea before i had to go.
and now... i am listening to Liszt's Liebestraum No.3, on Facebook and i WAS on the phone to Dan, but then the phone died, so I am off to charge it.
Night! And happy new year! xxxxxx