Wednesday, 13 January 2010

local disappointment.

yes, sorry folks, i've fallen for Justin Beiber's music.
how many photographs, are you taping back?
while you tell me you couldn't see the open door.
but no more if you let me inside your world, there'll be one less lonely girl.
i'm going to put you first, show you what you're worth.
i'm going to fix your broken heart, give you a brand new start,
i'm going to take her, and leave the world,
with one less lonely girl.
that song really reminds me of the stuff that happened before dan and makes me really grateful for dan.
all the stuff i'm really grateful i've left behind.
and made new starts from.
all this ice makes me cross!
i dont like it at all, especially when you fall over and it doesnt hurt, but then you're wet and cold.
bah humbug.
summer now please!

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