Tuesday, 5 January 2010

happy new year guys!

sorry i didnt make a post, the holidays have been mental as!
had future plans to make and stuff...
christmas was aaace, got lots and lots!
a new shiny iPod touch that i cannot work, some gorgeous fluffy slippers and jewellery and TONS of creams and Body Shop stuff... mmmm gorgeous!
dan bought me some pretty amazing stuff too... aahh i love him :)
school closed today thanks to snow and is closed tomorrow which is good news for me :D its a shame how the whole country goes to a standstill when it snows.
we had a party at ours new years eve and set off some fire lanterns and stood on the street and sang auld lang syne with glasses of champagne and hugged in the snow... it was so cute :)
and now, i am back to the normal routine, school early mornings, work, nags, etc etc etc.
but today has been such a lovely day, i have to say.
i got stranded at school, no buses, no cars nothing! so my lovely dan had to come to meet me and take me home because i would really have fallen over, which was luckily avoided.
and we walked home in the snow and he came back for a cup of tea before i had to go.
and now... i am listening to Liszt's Liebestraum No.3, on Facebook and i WAS on the phone to Dan, but then the phone died, so I am off to charge it.
Night! And happy new year! xxxxxx

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