Saturday, 14 August 2010


welcome to blogging tatiana! my beautiful brazilian wife has joined us on the blogging site, and she is new to all this, follow her! i have had the most beautiful afternoon, i have been laying out on a blanket in the sun with my beautiful boyfriend listening to some joshua radin, who sings songs perfect for the summer. truly pulls on the heart strings!!! then we had some tea together and fed our fish who is very very cute and could do with having another pal in there to be honest!! then we went out for a driving lesson, and i was very proud of my efforts, so was daniel!!! i managed to get over my nerves and actually put the car into second gear and reverse around corners, over speed bumps, park the car forwardly and backwards! i may have a talent, although i did stall a couple of times. oops. anyway, enough said about that, cant wait to get into the car again! we used the fiesta, which will hopefully be ours to use by christmas!! :D very excited.  anyway, night night bloggers! <3

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