Friday, 13 August 2010

my blog seems to be slow...

I think it's because I'm signed up to too many sites! I can't remember to post everything all at once! At the moment, I'm especially in love with tumblr - my url is, and I love the freedom of it all. Its not as wordy as a blog really, you can type a line or an essay or a quote or a photo, or generally just whatever and it feels so much faster! Generally at the moment, summer is pretty slow for me too. I dont particularly favor the start of college coming along, mostly because I have a life changing decision to make in September and I'm not sure that I'm ready to make it but then I cant miss the opportunity. At the moment I'm lending my spare time to writing short stories, like the ones you would find in magazines at the airport. They're touching but short lived, so I dont have to prolong my story lines to fit an 800 page novel bestseller. Sometimes it's easier that way. And then there's life and love and romance and I dont feel I have the time for very much except every day drags... Anyway. I'll post more later. Ciao for now!

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