Saturday, 18 December 2010

baby, baby, baby...

To my fiancè's disgust, I do actually have a bit of a partial for Justin Bieber's music, and lately it doesn't seem to stop playing on my iPod. He does look like a bit of a nob, to be fair, but I do like the music and I don't really see why people's perceptions of the person has to get in the way of the fact he can sing, dance and can produce fairly good tracks.
Anyway. Ah yes, this (:

This is the photo we sent out to our family, and I do really like it, even if it is about a year old.
I think I'm getting Dan's cold, and I'm getting a bit fed up of traipsing to the doctors every 2 weeks to get fixed of various things, its getting a bit old now.
I think I'm honestly so very glad I'm not going to university, seriously, after going round Salford, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and Leeds, I've seen more than enough, and I really genuinely wouldn't be interested. I went to all the Pharmacy, Biology, Medical and BioChemistry degree talks, and I just couldn't have to sit and learn like that for 4 years, I'm so glad I've chosen to do what I've done, even if it means I have no A-Levels to my name, or any first, second or third class honours to my name. The whole previous sentence sounds too pretentious to my liking.

Enough of uni rant.
Who knows what the future may hold.
I'm working right up until Christmas Eve! Can you believe?! Actually yes, if I'm being honest, because people need medicine.
I just can't wait to see all my family again properly!
Anyway, enough of this! Me and Dan are off to build a snowman! (:

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