Tuesday, 22 March 2011

y hoy sé que es tuyo mi corazón

hola senors, senoritas (; today feels like holiday day, the sun is shining, I'm actually on holiday from work, it's kind of warm, and to celebrate, I'm listening to La Tortura by Shakira and Alejandro Sans. It's actually my summer song, I heard it playing actually in Spain a few years ago (it topped their charts over there) and ever since it reminds me of sunshine and Spain... It's been a very lovely week, worked yesterday and have the rest of the week off... which is good, it's just a shame it's not the school holidays yet so it's me and my grandparents and doing lots of bits of cooking... which I also like (; My theory test is literally like a week and a bit away... panicking a little bit now for not taking it as seriously as I should have done before... :S but that means its days away from my birthday - major excitement there!!! And to top it off if the weather is nice it will be laavely. I think I'm also working on my birthday.. hmm.... I'm enjoying myself at the moment, not got much time to do a lot of blogging but that seems to be okay, I don't think many people are looking out for it and I'm barely losing sleep over it... it seems to be a person's way of self assuring themselves they're still interesting.. which is odd to me. There's not much that I can write in here to be honest, life is slightly mad for me right now. But still much to do, learning a bit more languages, having more of a time out, studying, finding time to discover myself a little more. My mind is still accepting the fact that I'm actually getting married to someone and thats just like a major deal. I don't think the age makes much of a difference... well it may. It depends how liberally you embrace the situation really (;
Can't get enough of Allez Ola, Ole by Jessy Matador... its so French!!!! And it was their Eurovision a few years ago, so its so catchy...
leave you with that... allez allez allez with your youtube searching for it (;

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