Friday, 4 December 2009

Ready for the Weekend?

Two posts in a night, am I getting the hang of this yet?
The weekend is set to be a busy one again, tonight staying in with Dan, and then swimming my dutiful lengths early tommorow morning.
Watching some films with the beautiful Iona, and then having a family night in ready for busy as usual Sunday.
I'm kind of bursting with excitement for secret plans... 
Also tommorow, I'm needing a huuuuuge sort of all my clothes ready for a clothes swap in February, exciting :)
Who knows what the future holds?

She's a beautiful girl,
And she's holding the world,
And she doesn't realise.
She's a beautiful soul,
And she's never alone,
And yet she hasn't seen.
Life is so cliche,
It can turn back around,
But the girl is still beautiful, 
Though she's hit the ground. 
You're a fairy princess,
And it's all so true,
All the girls around you, 
Look back to you.
You're a beautiful girl,
In this ugly world,
And I'm the only one to notice.

I actually can't wait for tomorrow! :D:D
Night for the second time :)

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