Tuesday, 22 December 2009

sorry for the late one guys.... my bad <3

well nanight blog, sorry its been so long.
had stupid christmas stuff to do, flu to catch etc etc.
sang at our church choir carols and it was great but wrecked my voice once more for christmas. oh and i cant wait for xmas!! only... two and a bit days! :D:D excited much. having a houseful.. me, james, mum and dad, holly, ella, a.anne-marie, u.charles, lauren + u.ben, grandma, granda, nonna, grandad, uncle stephen and maybe great grandad fred if hes up to it! :) phwoar what a table ful.
cant wait cant wait
ive heavily hinted at santa for an ipod touch and i think santa has been good and got me one so im mega excited. dyed my hair a black red and its gorgey, and getting it chopped tommorow, yayayayay!
i love my danny so much, today and this week has been awesome! we built nigel our first snowman together and he looked all fit in the back garden and then we did some watching of wuthering heights and i cried and he was bored and didnt like it (or so he says)
and now, i am off to bed because i am so tired and still feeling a tiny bit flu-ey but so much better!

ill leave y'all with a photie of what im getting it chopped like... (sorry massey and dan <3)
tehe :)
nanight xxxxxxxxxxx

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